Welcome to the Unsung Adventures!

We aim to create public RP out in the world of Eorzea and have chosen Balmung as our main server.

While the Unsung started in Buscarron's Druthers in the Shroud and still see it as their main base of operation, they are now travelling far and wide across Eorzea.

Our focus this year will be on travel, adventure and cultural RP. If that sounds like a fun premise, or if you have your own initiative/idea for public overworld RP, please feel free to join our Discord. Our main goal is to create more public RP that makes the world feel more alive, so we welcome a wide variety of initiatives. Our events cater mainly to the EU timezones, but people from other timezones are more than welcome to join in.

The story

It started so simple. Buscarron's Druthers got its very own levemete so adventurers could come and make life a little easier in that small part of the Southern Shroud.
A Twelvemoon later and the loose associates dubbed 'The Unsung' are in the proverbial doghouse. The charge? Defying Gridanian orders and with the blessings of their levemete to boot.
For good reason, some might say. Either way, they have one more chance to make amends. By making a pilgrimage across Eorzea to visit the Guardian Stones, meeting and when needed helping the locals along the way.
There's more to the story, of course, there always is. Come find out and get some gil, adventure, and camaraderie along the way.

Current location: Eastern La Noscea for the Moon of Nymeia

April 11-22: RP in and around Lower & Eastern La Noscea

This is the time to join and create pop-up RP and events in La Noscea, and meet La Noscea-focused characters or other travelers.

Week 16
Thursday the 22nd: The bi-weekly social meetup, this time in Costa Del Sol. Bring some beach wear!
Starting time: 21:00 CEST / 3pm EDT

Unsung Aventures Newsletter

The newsletter for the Unsung.
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Made with the help of people on our Discord.


Shot by: Q

January - the Moon of Halone
Shot by: Q

February - the Moon of Menphina
Shot by: Farendaire

March - the Moon of Thaliak
Shot by: Eylina

Unsung Screenshots

A collection of Unsung Screenshots

Upcoming events & meetups

All dates and times are subject to change. If you'd like to join in, or let us join your initiatives, feel free to pop in on our Discord
All RP takes place on Balmung and starts at 3pm ET / 21:00 CET unless otherwise specified

April: the Moon of Nymeia

11-22: RP in and around Lower & Eastern La Noscea

This is the time to join and create pop-up RP and events in Lower & Eastern La Noscea, and meet La Noscea-focused characters or other travelers.
Week 16
Thursday the 22nd: The bi-weekly social meetup, this time in Costa Del Sol. Bring some beach wear!
Starting time: 21:00 CEST / 3pm EDT

OOC Information

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look over the information of this RP initiative. We're always looking for more people to RP with, so here is some OOC info that might be handy to know if you'd like to join in.

Our goal: RP out in the world

In cities, towns, or out in the wilds - we want to RP in the beautiful world of Eorzea.

Everyone is welcome at our pop-up RP and events, though we do expect people to be considerate and respectful to other players.

We're always looking for people that love to initiate RP, either by hosting or joining events or simply by starting some pop-up RP.

Feel free to pop into our Discord or simply show up at our RP. We have a pop-up gathering at least every other Thursday in the EVEN weeks that's on the RP Calendar.

Unless otherwise stated our events are on Balmung, but we are open to joining RP created by other people on other Crystal servers.


TIME ZONE: Our focus is on Central Europe, 6 hours ahead of ET/EDT. People from other time zones are more than welcome to join us, but please do keep in mind that most of our events will take place during hours that are friendly for the EU.

ACTIVITY: Our scheduled pop-up RP is bi-weekly on Thursdays.
People are encouraged to plan their own events and pop-up RP throughout the week on top of that. Our Discord has channels like LFRP and opt-in event planning channels to make that easier.

PLATFORM: All group RP is done in-game but we have a channel on our Discord where people can share short tidbits about what their characters get up to. This way you can add to the feel of the place even when you're too busy to be in the game.

Code of Conduct

Our rules are simple, don't be a jerk, don't be a creep, respect the lore and each others preferences and RP styles. Please do not come here for just ERP and hookups, there are enough places that cater to that already.
With all that said, we RP in public places and it is not up to us to try and tell people how to conduct themselves if they're not part of this initiative. Please adopt a 'live and let live' attitude towards those with different styles of RP both in an outside of this group. As long as people aren't disruptive, they have just as much right to be there as anyone else.

Event etiquette

We've set up some guidelines around attending events, so we have a baseline on the kind of behavior we find most helpful. These count mostly for scripted events that make use of DMs, and not so much for freeform gatherings like the bi-weekly gathering at the Alehouse.

Please be on time when attending an event, and if you’ve signed up, please show up. Life happens, we know that, but try and let the DM/Host know if you can’t make it or are running late.

While we adopt a live-and-let-live attitude to differences in styles and preferred themes, we ask that people keep the more outlandish aspects of their characters to a minimum during DMd events unless it has been cleared with the DM. If you are in doubt, ask.

Do not bring extra characters with you unless you have cleared this with the DM. Handling a certain number of players can be hectic enough without the number doubling due to things like pets/extra companions played by one person. The same thing counts for bringing in other player friends from outside the Discord - please clear it with the DM so they don’t get overburdened.

Respect a DMs decision if they refuse to play around a certain character or theme. They are entitled to their preferences just like anyone else. Unless otherwise stated, all characters must be IC adults to join.

Some DMs might post warnings for their events, like if there is a high risk of injury or if there’s certain themes that may not work well for everyone (like horror/violence). Keep these warnings in mind. If an event crosses into something that you find unpleasant or uncomfortable, please walk away from it. Take feedback to an admin/the DM after the event has ended when needed.

Discord rules

The following rules are the ones we maintain on our Discord, and we hope that people keep them in mind during RP in FFXIV as well.

Always be respectful of one another and the goal of this server, which is create RP together. Do not fall into the trap of naming & shaming, it will not be tolerated in any way. If someone isn't comfortable with an RP scene, let them leave it without hassle. If you have a quarrel with another person on the server and you can't work it out together, you may bring it to an Admin, but do note that we do NOT take sides in personal arguments.

While we believe anyone should be able to RP what they like, there is a time and a place. Please be respectful to the lore preferences of other players and do not force 'out there' concepts on others without their consent. If you are in doubt, feel free to discuss it on Discord.
On the flip side of that, we RP in public and lore bending WILL happen. Do not harass people for being less strict, simply disengage from the RP. If you feel like you can't get away, feel free to poke an Admin, but we will only step in if we feel the lore is disregarded or an unconventional concept is being pushed too hard.

We expect a certain level of maturity in our Discord, and part of that is knowing what is and isn't appropriate in public channels. While darker themed events and RP interactions are allowed and encouraged, overly explicit or sexually focused events are not.
This Discord is also NOT for sharing/discussing media containing nudity, sexual acts, or excessive amounts of violence.
We have a 'don't ask, don't tell' attitude towards activities that could get people's accounts banned, like modding.
This game is rated Teen, so there will be minors around. Keep that in mind and act accordingly in public RP.
What you do in private is, of course, not our concern.

We won't do activity checks, but we DO appreciate (pro) active people who understand that making events happen isn't always about personal gain, but for the community at large. Be kind to our initiators and hosts, share your feedback, and don't be shy about trying to initiate some RP yourself ^^

Fun is mandatory, please comply ;)

Unsung Aventures Newsletter Issue #3

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Made with the help of people on our Discord

Unsung Aventures Newsletter Issue #2

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Made with the help of people on our Discord

Unsung Aventures Newsletter Issue #1

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Unsung Leves

While the Unsung are currently on their unusual pilgrimage, most of them are still adventurers at heart. L'rkah has therefor secured some leves for them to set their teeth into while on the road.

These leves can be used as RP hooks/prompts, and are free to use by anyone who has an interest in playing out these missions.

You can free-form them, pick them up as a DM, or a mixture of the two. They can be done in duos or in a group, in-game or on Discord. Their goal is to provide hooks for RP, so feel free to run with them in whatever way you like.

This list is not comprehensive, so if you'd like to set up your own leves, please feel free to do so.

Eastern La Noscea Leves

Leve: The sun is trying to kill me
Type: Mining RP prompt
Sun, sea, beaches and sunburns, they go hand in hand like wine and cheese. Luckily for the beach-dwelling hero, Raw Garnets can be found in Bloodshore if you know where to look. These jewels can be used to create potions that should fix those burns right up, so go dig some up.

Leve: Wine delivery
Type: Levequest RP prompt
E'bandala Sweetmane needs to make a wine delivery, but the roads are rather dangerous these suns. If any adventurers would be willing to escort them there's some gil and a bottle of wine in it for the would-be heroes.
OOC: Do the leve ‘Wonder Wine’ by speaking to Aileen in Wineport.

Leve: Hungry for crabs
Type: Fate RP prompt
Ever since Unsung started talking about giant cranes to catch even more giant crabs with, a hunger for the shelled critters has grown among the ranks. If we're going to sate it, we might as well hunt the biggest and baddest crab around, and get some sweet bounty money on top of a nice seafood meal.
OOC: Do the Fate ‘It's Not Lupus’.

Lower La Noscea Leves

Leve: Sweet Salty Cod
Type: Fishing RP prompt
The fishermen at Moraby Drydocks got wind of some adventurers boasting that they were the best in the world when it came to the sport of hauling cod, and are now challenging any and all to bring them as much Tiger Cod as they can angle from the sea. The reward? Ever-lasting respect, and as much salted cod as can be carried.

Leve: The Deathliest Catch
Type: Levequest RP prompt
A local boy was attacked by a man eating megalocrabs, the rare but quite dangerous variety they call ‘big claws’. He luckily escaped, but the locals issued a leve to find and kill the variety that likes to feast on the flesh of spoken. Talk to Ourawann for more information.
OOC: Do the leve ‘The Deathliest Catch’ by speaking to Ourawann in Moraby.

Leve: Hunt Padfoot
Type: Fate RP prompt
Rumour has it a voracious wolf-like creature roams around Oschon’s Embrace, striking fear in the hearts of would-be traders and merchants. See if you can find any truth in the tales, and if so, slay the beast before it develops a taste for the flesh of Spoken.
OOC: Do the Fate ‘Under the bridge’.